American Institute of Indian Studies (Country of India)-Graduate Fellowships

American Institute of Indian Studies (Country of India)-Graduate Fellowships

Deadline:  July 1

Founded to assist scholars in their study of all aspects of Indian history, culture and contemporary life, the Institute brings about 35 scholars to India every year. These are both American citizens as well as non-American citizens resident in the United States. Of the latter group, many are Indian graduate students studying for Ph.D. degrees at American universities. Many of them return to India, where they assume faculty positions at Indian institutions. In turn, many Indian scholars are invited by member institutions of the American Institute of Indian Studies to lecture or participate in conferences. The Institute then facilitates their travel arrangements and can use its network of scholars across the United States to organize programs of lectures. Fellowships are granted by the American Institute of Indian Studies in the following categories:

Junior Research Fellowships.  Available to doctoral candidates at U.S. universities in all fields of study.  These specifically designed to enable doctoral candidates to pursue their dissertation research in India.  Junior Research Fellows establish formal affiliation with Indian universities and Indian research supervisors.  Awards are available for up to eleven months.

Senior Research Fellowships.  Available to scholars who hold the Ph.D. or its equivalent. Non-U.S. citizens are welcome to apply if they are teaching full-time at U.S. colleges and universities.  These are designed to enable scholars in all disciplines who specialize in South Asia to pursue further research in India.  Senior Fellows establish formal affiliation with an Indian institution.  Short-term awards are available for up to four months.  Long-term awards are available for six to nine months. A limited number of humanists will be granted fellowships paid in dollars funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships.   Available to established scholars who have not previously specialized in Indian studies and to established professionals who have not previously worked or studied in India.  Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellows are formally affiliated with an Indian institution.  Awards may be granted for periods of six to nine months.

Senior Performing and Creative Arts Fellowships.  Available to accomplished practitioners of the performing arts of India and creative artists who demonstrate that study in India would enhance their skills, develop their capabilities to teach or perform in the U.S., enhance American involvement with India’s artistic traditions, and strengthen their links with peers in India. Awards will normally be for periods of up to four months, although proposals for periods of up to nine months can be considered.

For detailed information and application process, contact:
American Institute of Indian Studies
1130 East 59th Street
Chicago, Illinois   60637
(773) 702-8638

(last checked 1/11/17)

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