Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship Fund-Japanese American United Church

Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship Fund—Japanese American United Church

Deadline: May 31

Justin Haruyama was pastor of the Japanese American United Church from 1972 to his death in 1980. His ministry spanned two continents. One of his fondest hopes was that more young people would enter the ministry to prepare for ministry in Japanese American churches. To commemorate his life and work in the ministry, his family, friends and parishioners contributed towards establishing the Justin Haruyama ministerial Scholarship Fund. Scholarship recipients are now serving as pastors, teachers, chaplains and missionaries both in the United States and abroad. Eligibility: * Full-time students in accredited Protestant seminaries in the United States who are preparing to serve Japanese American congregations * Must be at least one quarter Japanese $500 to $1500 scholarships. “The Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship assists in confronting the great challenge in uniqueness and the special religious needs of the Japanese American churches which is derived from their bi-cultural heritage and character.”

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