Leopold Schepp Foundation

Leopold Schepp Foundation

Deadline:  Ongoing

The Foundation grants approximately 200 individual awards each year to both full time undergraduate students enrolled in four year bachelor programs and to full time graduate students. Applicants must either be currently enrolled or must have completed one year of undergraduate work at an accredited college or university. The Foundation also grants a small number of fellowship awards for independent study and research, usually post-doctoral, based on the recommendation of a recognized institution. These fellowships are intended to encourage research that will improve the general welfare of mankind. Because funds for such grants are limited, interested applicants should inquire as to the availability of funding for fellowships in their chosen field of study. Written requests for scholarship applications must be mailed directly to the Foundation office.

Please follow these simple instructions: 1. Carefully read the eligibility guidelines before submitting your request for an application. 2. If you meet all of the eligibility guidelines, download and print the Request for an Application. 3. Return your completed request to: The Leopold Schepp Foundation 551 Fifth Avenue Suite 3000 New York, NY 10176-3201. 4. The Scholarship Committee will determine your eligibility for a formal application. If you meet all of the eligibility guidelines and funds are available, you will be emailed a link to instructions and the formal application forms. Make sure you add the Schepp Foundation to your email “Safe Senders” list.

APPLICATION DEADLINE There is not a specific date at which applications are no longer accepted. The deadline is automatically imposed when a sufficient number of applications have been received.

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(last checked 2/7/17)

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