Muktabodha Indological Research Institute Fellowships

The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute has been actively encouraging the development of the next generation of scholars of the Hindu Tantra in India and the West through fellowship grants and scholarships.

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Muktabodha’s scholarship program began in 1998 by sponsoring three US graduate students to study in India under the guidance of internationally recognized scholar Dr. B. N. Pandit, a traditional expert on the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. This well known senior traditional scholar steeped in Indian methods of study and interpretation worked rigorously on a daily basis with these dedicated Western students. They were deeply impacted by his engagement with Sanskrit as a living language, and his penetrating insight into the text they studied with him, Utpaladeva’s Isvarpratyabhijna Karika. A book was published based on their recorded lessons with Dr. Pandit, and the students subsequently completed their dissertations and are now sharing their knowledge through their own teaching and writing.

Recognizing that such students play a key role in defining the next generation of scholarship, Muktabodha began offering three levels of scholarships.

Dissertation Research Fellowships in Hindu Tantra 
This annual grant enabled outstanding Ph.D. candidates to undertake field research in India in preparation for writing their dissertations specifically on the Hindu Tantra. International in scope, these grants have been awarded to students from Russia, Austria, England and the United States. These younger scholars have studied with various traditional Indian pandits, as well as conducting their own research.

*Please note that Muktabodha is not currently offering Dissertation Fellowship Grants.

Graduate Scholarship Program in India 
This program began in 2003 to support Masters’ level students of Kashmir Shaivism and Sanskrit in India.

International Masters’ Scholarship in Hindu Tantra 
This scholarship has been awarded from time to time to help exceptional students complete their Masters degree with leading scholars in the field.

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