Short-Term Fellowships: American Antiquarian Society (AAS)

Short-Term Fellowships—American Antiquarian Society (AAS)

Deadline:  January 15

NB: Applicants must be scholars holding the Ph.D. and for doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research.

The American Antiquarian Society offers short-term visiting academic research fellowships tenable for one to three months each year. The Society’s preeminent collections offer broad research opportunities in American history and culture through the year 1876. Special short-term grants support scholars working in the history of the book in American culture, in the American eighteenth century, and in American literary studies, as well as in studies that draw upon the Society’s preeminent collections of graphic arts, newspapers, and magazines.

For the detailed information of these short-term fellowships, please visit their website.

(updated 2.14.17)

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