The John Carter Brown Library Research Grants

The John Carter Brown Library Research Grants

Deadline: January 29 

The John Carter Brown Library, an Institution for Advanced Research in the area of History and Humanities at Brown University will award approximately thirty Research Fellowships. Sponsorship of research at the John Carter Brown Library is reserved exclusively for scholars whose work is centered on the colonial history of the Americas, North and South, including all aspects of the European, African, and Native American involvement.

Fellowships are of two types: Short-Term Fellowships Regular John Carter Brown Library Fellowships are available for periods of two to four months and carry a stipend of $2,100 per month. These Fellowships are open to Americans and foreign nationals who are engaged in pre- or post-doctoral, or independent, research. Graduate students must have passed their preliminary or general examinations at the time of application.

The Jeannette D. Black Memorial Fellowship is for research in the history of cartography or a closely related area.

The William Reese Company Fellowship is for research in bibliography and the history of printing.

The Ruth and Lincoln Ekstrom Fellowship is for research on the history of women and the family in the Americas prior to 1825, including the question of cultural influences on gender formation.

The Alexander O. Vietor Memorial Fellowship and the Marie L. and William R. Hartland Fellowship focus on research in early maritime history.

Center for New World Comparative Studies Fellowships are available for scholars engaged in research in the comparative history of the colonial Americas.

Maria Elena Cassiet Fellowships are restricted to scholars who are permanent residents of countries in Spanish America.

The Maury A. Bromsen Fellowship is focused on colonial Spanish American history.

The Touro National Heritage Trust Fellowship is for research on some aspect of the Jewish experience in the New World before 1825.

The nine-month J. M. Stuart Fellowship is reserved for a graduate student at Brown University.

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(updated 1.11.17)

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