Welcome to the GTU’s Guide to Scholarships and Outside Resources

Whether you are seeking funds to offset the cost of tuition, support research interests, or subsidize your dissertation year, this website is a great place to start. The pages on this site include hundreds of scholarships, grants, fellowships, loan opportunities, and other forms of financial assistance that are available to students at the GTU.

You can enter a name or phrase in the search box on the upper right to find resources on a particular topic. In addition to searching by denomination, religious affiliation, or theological interest, consider other interdisciplinary interests and professional groups that may make resources available. You can use the “search categories” tab to see a list of all subjects, or the “scholarship directory” tab to access all available scholarships and other resources. Review our “scholarship newsletter archives” for particular opportunities.

Searching for Funding

Please find below a brief overview of some of the terms that are used to describe different types of funding opportunities.

  • scholarships: funding that generally is used to cover the cost of tuition or continuing fees
    • Some scholarships are based on financial need or academic performance, while others are based on a combination of factors, e.g. eligible applicants may be members of communities who are underrepresented in the academy and show a commitment to work beyond the academy.
  • fellowships: funding that can be used for educational expenses, as well as living expenses.
    • This type of funding can be offered at certain stages of the program in which you are enrolled, e.g. dissertation, mentorship for students in coursework.
  • grants: funding for a particular project
    • Grants may be available to assist a student in crafting a dissertation that involves research in a particular community, for conference travel, for language acquisition, among other things.
  • research assistantships: opportunities to support a professor with her/his research or course preparation
    • Talk with your adviser and check the job listings at the member schools to learn more about which professors might be in need of research assistants.
  • teaching assistantships: opportunities to provide teaching support to a professor
    • In looking for a teaching assistantship, it also will be helpful to talk with your adviser and check the job listings at the member schools to learn more about which professors might be seeking out students for positions like these.
  • loans: funding that needs to be repaid to the lending organization
    • This is the most common form of financial aid, and one must complete the FAFSA by one’s institution’s priority deadline in order to be eligible for loans.



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