College for Christian Leaders

Deadline: May 20

Our Mission Statement: 
The purpose of the Foundation is to assist Christian individuals with identified leadership history, high academic achievement and financial need with academic, vocational and ministry training to further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Guidelines: The following are the minimum guidelines that must be met before a candidate will be considered for scholarship:

  1. Christian testimony, and verifiable Christian leadership.
  2. Entering undergraduate studies, or currently attempting to attain a degree. (Occasionally we assist graduate level students who meet all other criteria).
  3. 3.0 G.P.A. or better.
  4. Financial need. Combined income of parents and student is below $75,000. Foundation students natural and step parent’s incomes are included in that income ceiling.
  5. Primary residence or attending college must be in California, Oregon, or Washington.

The Application Process: This Website contains the following forms which can be downloaded for completion:

(1) Application Cover Sheet (to assist you in making certain you have provided the requested information;)

(2) the Application itself;

(3) Leadership Assessment Form; and

(4) Ministry Reference Form.

All of these forms as well as the information and documents referenced or requested in them must be received in one package by the deadline of May 20 in order for you to be considered.

Click here for more information.

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