DHM Scholarships (Disciples Home Missions)

DHM Scholarships (Disciples Home Missions)

Application Form Deadline: March 15
Reference and Transcript Deadline: April 15

Scholarships are made possible by gifts from individuals, families, congregations, and units of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Scholarship funds are generated from interest earned on permanent funds and cash gifts, and are used as investments in persons preparing for ministry. The Star Supporter Scholarship Committee is comprised of Disciples Home Missions staff and representatives of the National Convocation of the Christian Church. Ministry and Asian staff review the remaining scholarships.

To be eligible for any of the scholarships listed below the applicant must:

-be a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);
-plan to prepare for the ordained ministry Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);
-be a better than average student (at least a C+ average);
-provide evidence of financial need;
-be enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited school or seminary;
-provide a transcript of academic work;
-make a renewal application each year if eligible;
-provide references from a regional minister, pastor, lay leaders and/or professors;
-be under care of a regional Commission on the Ministry or in the process of coming under care;
For your information: Applicants must apply or reapply each year to receive scholarships. There are no automatic renewals.

Visit the scholarship’s website for more information.

(updated 2.1.17)


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