Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion Fellowships

Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion Fellowships

Deadline: February 1

Fellowships available:

One Alvin Plantinga Fellowship ($60,000) is intended to provide time for reflection and writing to those whose work is on the forefront of current research in the philosophy of religion and Christian philosophy. It is one of a number of recurring fellowships that allow scholars from other institutions to spend either a semester or a year at Notre Dame participating in the Center’s activities and pursuing their work in philosophy of religion and Christian philosophy. These fellowships are of four types:

One Frederick J. Crosson Fellowship ($45,000) is given to scholars who might not qualify for any other Center fellowship but who would benefit from a year at the Center—for example, foreign scholars or those outside the field of philosophy.

Up to two Research Fellowships ($40,000-$50,000, depending on rank and circumstances) are offered to those whose tenure at the Center would allow them to grow and make progress in the Center’s areas of interest. This is done with the aim that they will subsequently disseminate and expand upon work in those areas through their own teaching and writing.

One Visiting Graduate Fellowship ($20,000) is awarded to philosophy graduate students from other institutions who are working on dissertations in philosophy of religion or Christian philosophy.

All fellows will receive up to $2,000 reimbursement for moving expenses, as well as up to $2,000 for research-related expenses. The Plantinga Fellow and the Research Fellows may also have the option of teaching one course in philosophy per semester. Those who do teach receive up to an additional $7,500 annually. Notre Dame faculty are not eligible for Center fellowships.

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(last checked 1/25/17)

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