Hispanic Summer Program

Hispanic Summer Program

Deadline: February 15

The Hispanic Summer Program mainly involves its 13-day summer ecumenical graduate program in theology & religion. On a Saturday around mid-June, close to one hundred students, eight faculty, and a couple of administrators gather for the HSP.The Hispanic Summer Program meets each summer in a different institution and region, rotating among our 30+ sponsoring institutions.

Students are mostly Latina/o M.Div. students from one or another of our 30+ sponsoring schools. We regularly have also African, African American, Asian, Asian American, European, and Euro-American students (most of them engaged or interested in ministry with/among Hispanics). We accept students from non-sponsoring institutions, and Ph.D. candidates, too.

Substantial scholarships cover the cost of the entire program.

For more information, visit HSP’s website.

(updated 1.24.17)

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