National Gallery of Art Fellowships

Deadline: Varies, Check Website 

The National Gallery of Art offers several fellowship programs, including a Predoctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

The predoctoral dissertation fellowship program supports advanced graduate research in the history, theory, and criticism of art, architecture, urbanism, and photographic media. Each of the nine fellowships has specific requirements and intents, including support for the advancement and completion of a doctoral dissertation and for residency and travel during the period of dissertation research. Application for a predoctoral dissertation fellowship may be made only through nomination by the chair of a graduate department of art history or other appropriate department. The predoctoral fellowships include: the David E. Finley Fellowship, the Paul Mellon Fellowship, the Samuel H. Kress Fellowship, the Wyeth Fellowship, the Ittleson Fellowship, the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Fellowship, the Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellowship, and the Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellowship.

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