Presbyterian Study Grants

Presbyterian Study Grants

Deadline: May 15

Presbyterian Study Grant $1000‐$4000

Presbyterian Study Grant is the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s financial aid program for students planning for careers in the church. The program serves approximately 120 students per year. Because the number of students awarded is significantly less than the number of students enrolled in seminary, there are additional restrictions. Only MDiv and MACE students are eligible for award and those students must be enrolled full-time and demonstrate need. MDiv students entering seminary must be under care of Presbytery, and advanced to Candidacy by November 1 of the student’s third year of studies to continue to be eligible. MACE students must be a member of a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation.

Presbyterian Study Grant applications that are found to be complete for students eligible to receive an award are considered by reading committee. No more than 120 students are awarded each year. After a student is selected for a Presbyterian Study Grant award, the student is evaluated for supplemental grants based on need. Supplemental grants are awarded to promote diversity, and/or to observe donor restrictions.


  • Active member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • Limited to MDiv and/or MACE
    • MACE students are not required to be Inquirer/Candidate
    • MDiv (also MDiv/Dual Degree) students entering years 1 and 2 must be an Inquirer or Candidate
    • MDiv (also MDiv/Dual Degree) students entering year 3 must be a Candidate
  • Normally enrolled full time at a PC(USA) related seminary
  • Demonstrate Financial Need

To learn more about “need” and use a calculator to estimate Expected Family Contribution and Need, visit FAFSA4caster.

Range of awards

Up to $4,000.00
(edited 01/11/17)

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