The Barakat Foundation USA Grants

The Barakat Foundation USA Grants

Deadline: February 15

The Directors of the Barakat Foundation, a private foundation, invite applications from students and scholars for scholarships and research grants in the fields of Islamic art history, Islamic architectural history, and Islamic archaeology, as well as in the field of conservation as it pertains to Islamic decorative arts between 622 A.D. and 1800 A.D. Scholarships are offered for post-graduate studies or apprenticeships in the above-mentioned fields at accredited universities or institutions. These will be made toward tuition fees and/or living expenses, but only in exceptional cases will they be made to cover fees and expenses in full.

Research grants are available at the post-doctoral level in the above-mentioned scholastic fields. These grants are intended principally to help foreign scholars conduct research in the United States.

Eligibility:  Applicants for scholarships must have at least a B.A. degree and have been accepted for graduate study or an apprenticeship at an accredited university or institution. Since part of the available funds are zakat monies, it should be noted that scholarships and research grants funded by such monies are open only to Muslims. For further information and to download the application form, visit the website.

(updated 1.11.17)

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