Unitarian Universalist Association Scholarships for Ministerial Education

Unitarian Universalist Association Scholarships for Ministerial Education

Deadline:  April 15

Eligibility for Aid

To be eligible to apply for UUA financial aid grants, all applicants must be in Candidate status. There are also two scholarships available to Incoming First Year students. Full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply. Those planning to be in an internship are eligible to apply, even if they will not be enrolled in theological school during the internship.

The Unitarian Universalist Association has a variety of scholarship sources. Some are general scholarship and others are named scholarships, with specific criteria. All financial aid grants are determined by a committee of UUA staff members and others that include two Unitarian Universalist ministers and a Unitarian Universalist layperson with a background in finance. Grants are determined on the basis of academic merit and financial need, consistent with the requirements of the scholarship funds, and range from $1000 to $15,000. Please review the following for information about all available scholarships.

Application Procedure

  1. All forms are to be received no later than 5 p.m. on April 15, 2013, and must be sent to the Ministerial Credentialing Office, UUA, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108.
  2. All application requests must be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Have your financial aid officer fill out the Financial Aid Application 2013-2014 form.
  4. Have a Unitarian Universalist minister in full fellowship (please, not a faculty member from your theological school) fill out a recommendation form.
  5. Have your faculty advisor or another faculty member fill out a recommendation form.
  6. In addition, students (except Canadians. and those who are in internship but not students) are required to submit a Student Aid Report containing a calculation of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) ordinarily obtainable from one’s theological school upon completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms available on the FAFSA website or from the U.S. Department of Education.
  7. You will receive notification of financial aid award decisions by June 14, 2013.

Named Scholarships

Applicants for financial aid through the UUA are automatically considered for these named scholarship; no additional application materials are required, unless otherwise noted.

  • The Martha and Robert Atherton Ministerial Scholarship
    Established in 1997, this scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to promising ministerial students in their second or third year of seminary who have already proven their capabilities. This scholarship is awarded to individuals who respect hard work as a foundation of a full life and who appreciate the freedom, political system and philosophical underpinnings of our country. Martha and Robert Atherton are dedicated Unitarian Universalists who have made this scholarship possible through their generous contributions.
  • The David Eaton Scholarship
    Maureen Mulliner, a long time member of All Soul’s Church in Washington, DC, made an estate gift to establish this award in order to affirm Rev. David Hilliard Eaton’s vision of a community dedicated to strengthening hope, justice, and balance, and creating an anti-racist, multicultural religious organization and country. This scholarship is awarded to women from an historically marginalized group who share the same vision as David Eaton.
  • Lucille K and Jerome P. Gallon Scholarship Fund
    The Lucille K. and Jerome P. Gallon Scholarship fund was created to support promising candidates for Unitarian Universalist ministry. This scholarship is to individuals who have demonstrated strong preaching skills during their path to ministry.
  • The Ingeborg Haseltine Scholarship Funds
    Ingeborg Haseltine made a gift from her estate to establish a permanent scholarship fund to support the education of women pursuing a career in the ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • Interfaith Spirituality Scholarship
    This scholarship was established by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The purpose of this scholarship is to support deserving individuals who have demonstrated an interest in and are prepared to integrate interfaith understanding into their ministry, and have a commitment to guiding others on their own spiritual path.
  • The Susan M. Jackson Ministerial Scholars Fund
    Susan M. Jackson’s children established this fund on Ms. Jackson’s 85th birthday to honor her commitment and dedication to Unitarian Universalism. This scholarship is awarded to recipients who share with the wider world their enthusiasm about UU ideas and conclusions, drawn from their faith, which influence their lives.
  • The David Pohl Scholarship
    This scholarship was established by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations upon Rev. Pohl’s retirement as UUA Director of Ministry in 1993. It supports the intellectual, spiritual, and professional development of individuals preparing for UU ministry.
  • Roy H. Pollack Scholarship
    The Roy H. Pollack Scholarship was created in 1998 to support second or third year students who have strong academic records and are promising candidates for UU ministry.
  • The Von Ogden Vogt Scholarship
    This scholarship was established in 2001 by Ogden and Carolyn Vogt to honor Carolyn’s father, the Rev. Dr. Von Ogden Vogt and his dedication and commitment to Unitarian Universalism. Scholarships are given to support the intellectual, spiritual, and professional development of future Unitarian Universalist ministers who are attending Meadville Lombard Theological School. This scholarship has an additional application requirement.
  • The Donald K. Evans Memorial Theological Scholarship Fund
    This scholarship was established by the Ohio-Meadville District and is awarded to members or former members of congregations within the Ohio-Meadville District who are preparing for the Unitarian Universalist ministry.
  • The President William G. Sinkford Scholarship
    The Unitarian Universalist Association established the President William G. Sinkford Fund in 2008, during the last year of Rev. Sinkford’s UUA Presidency. Having begun his service in June 2001, Rev. Sinkford left the Association with many profound and lasting gifts including the innovative Diversity of Ministry Initiative and support for lay theological education and ministerial development programs. To honor his legacy in the years to come, the Sinkford Fund will further Rev. Sinkford’s visions by providing scholarships for promising and passionate students preparing for Unitarian Universalist ministry.

          • Scholarships are designated for ministerial students who identify as people of color, Latino/a, Hispanic, and multi-racial.
          • Students in candidate status for Unitarian Universalist ministry are eligible to apply.
          • Funds will be distributed through the UUA Scholarship Committee.

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