CrossCurrents Annual Research Colloquium Fellowship

CrossCurrents Research Colloquium Fellowship

Deadline:  March 1

Spend the month of July in New York working on a research or writing project related to one of the themes outlined below, with access to libraries and research facilities at Columbia University, Union, Auburn, and Jewish Theological Seminaries.

The CrossCurrents Research Colloquium, in partnership with Auburn Theological Seminary, will explore several themes.  Applications from scholars, theologians, activists and artists focusing on one or more of the topics set forth by the committee (check their website).

The Colloquium will bring together fellows (scholars of religion, sociologists, clergy, activists and others) who have worked on these questions and offer them an opportunity for in-depth scholarly exploration of commonalities and differences. By creating an environment conducive to research, open reflection and scholarly inquiry, participants are encouraged to learn from others who have studied different or convergent topics, bringing perspectives from their different fields.

At the Colloquium, fellows spend four weeks together, pursuing individual research as well as gathering as a group for focused and facilitated discussions. Those who are selected for a fellowship are referred to as “Coolidge Scholars” after William A. Coolidge, the principal benefactor of this program. Each Coolidge Scholar works on his or her own project, but benefits by being able to collaborate with others. The collegial relationships that develop within the group are a crucial element of this program and one of its distinctive aspects.

 Colloquium Logistics and Schedule

The Colloquium runs for four weeks during July. The daily schedule allows a balance of structured and unstructured time, including:

  1. Time for individual research, reflection and consultation with fellows and staff
  2. Seminars for facilitated and focused discussion that also integrate work-in-progress reports by fellows
  3. Common meals and opportunities to explore the artistic and cultural resources of New York City

The Colloquium is residential and provides fellows with room and board (vegetarian/kosher food available) and access to libraries and research facilities at Columbia University, Teachers College, Union, Auburn and Jewish Theological Seminaries. Participants are required to pay a $125 registration fee upon acceptance plus the cost of travel to New York City.

Eligibility and Application
The successful applicant will be capable of writing for a publication of the caliber of CrossCurrents. Normally, fellows will hold doctorates; some will have professional degrees or ordination; a few will qualify by reason of equivalent experience.  For ideas on the types of projects we encourage, please check the CrossCurrents website to view back issues of the journal.

1)     Title and brief description (1-2 pp.) of the applicant’s proposed project.

2)     A brief resume including religious affiliation or preference, academic standing and professional experience.

3)     The names, titles, institutional addresses and telephone numbers of two references. (You do not need to have these persons write a letter; we will contact references as needed.)



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