Ellen Cushing Scholarship

Ellen Cushing Scholarship

Deadline: May 31

Female graduate students preparing for a human service or church-related vocation within the Baptist church may ap5ply. Preference is given to students active in their school, church, or region. (Seminarian Support Program recipients are not usually considered for this scholarship.)

National Ministries administers an American Baptist Financial Aid Program that supports college students, seminarians, and ministerial leaders with grants and scholarships.

To be considered for a graduate studies scholarship, students must be

  • an active member of an American Baptist church for at least one year before applying for aid (Use the Church Search function of the ABC-USA Website to verify that your church is American Baptist.);
  • enrolled at an accredited institution in the USA or Puerto Rico; and
  • a United States citizen.

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(last checked 04/16/14)

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