GreenFaith National Fellowship Program

GreenFaith National Fellowship Program

Deadline: June 1

The GreenFaith Fellowship Program is the first comprehensive education and training program in the US to prepare lay and ordained leaders from diverse religious traditions for religiously based environmental leadership. Through this program, GreenFaith is offering religious leaders a unique opportunity for educational, spiritual and vocational growth and skill development in religious environmentalism.Using insights gained by successful religious leadership development programs and resources developed through past religious-environmental initiatives, the program will educate leaders from diverse backgrounds to develop and implement plans to address environmental issues in their vocational settings.

The Fellowship curriculum will be designed to integrate historical perspectives, scientific information, socio-economic considerations, religious, ethical, spiritual and practical dimensions.It will work with an expansive understanding of the “environment” which encompasses suburban, urban and indoor settings as well as wilderness or biodiversity-rich areas that are the focus of much traditional environmental work.

GreenFaith is especially interested in Fellows who are:

  • Theologically-educated and/or ordained leaders in the early stages of their vocational lives, who sense a calling to make environmental issues a major focus of their work.
  • Mid-career religious professionals, monks or nuns for whom environmental engagement offers an opportunity for a redefinition or renewal of their vocational lives
  • Lay leaders active on environmental concerns who want to develop the skills to deepen the impact of their work.
  • Mature religious leaders who experience a calling to focus on environmental concerns during the remaining years of their vocational lives.

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