Hebrew Free Loan Association’s Interest-Free Loans

Hebrew Free Loan Association

Deadline: Ongoing

Hebrew Free Loan Association (HBLA) came into being in 1897 to serve Jewish immigrants and today, HFLA works to help the recent wave of immigrants from the Soviet Union and the Middle East.  HFLA also helps native-born Jewish Americans who have faced temporary financial problems or saw business opportunities, and those whose needs ranged from buying furniture to paying for college tuition.  Applicants must be Jewish residents of Northern California, and they can be of any age and in any field of study.

Student Loans ($6,000 per academic year for undergraduate students, and $10,000 per academic year for graduate students). Student loans assist those enrolled full-time in a college, graduate school, professional program, or vocational school.

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(last checked 2/14/17)

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