Huggins-Quarles Award

Huggins-Quarles Award

Deadline: December 1

Named for Benjamin Quarles and Nathan Huggins, two outstanding historians of the African American past, the $500 Huggins-Quarles Award is given annually by the Organization of American Historians to one or two graduate students of color to assist them with expenses related to travel to research collections for the completion of the Ph.D. dissertation. These awards were established to promote greater diversity in the historical profession.

Requirements of Applicants
• applicant must be ABD
• applicant must be ALANA (African American, Latino/a, Asian American, Native American) scholar
• applicant’s dissertation must focus on U.S. history
• U.S. residency is not required

Application Procedures
To apply, the student should submit the following items:
• cover letter
• c.v.
• abstract: a five-page dissertation proposal (double spaced), which should include a definition of the project, an explanation of the project’s significance and contribution to the field, and a description of the most important primary sources
• a one-page itemized budget explaining travel and research plans

Visit the website for more information.

(updated 2.7.17)


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